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The Open European Muaythai Clubs Cup 2019

26 November 2019. : Federation

The Open European Muaythai Clubs Cup 2019Dear Teams,

The Open European Muaythai Club’s Cup 2019 again will see Muaythai Clubs from around Europe competing for the title of the best club in Europe and give opportunity to athletes to compete before the year’s end.

The beautiful Riga is hosting the event which is another capital on the Muaythai map of the world and welcomes athletes, coaches, managers and international spectators.

European Clubs Cup is a unique event where any club can join and put the skills of their athletes to a test at the European level, gain experience for their national qualifications for the upcoming IFMA events, and start count of their international career.

Yours, Vasily Fleisher,

President Latvian Muaythai Federation

The Open European Muaythai Club’s Cup 2019 will be held at 29 November – 01 December


Official Event Dates:

Thursday, 28 November - Arrival

15:00-21:00 Registration, medical check & weigh in at the IBIS RIGA CENTRE (Marijas str. 5, Riga)

21:30-22:30 Draw

Friday, 29 November

10:00 Opening Ceremony / Bouts

Saturday, 30 November

10:00 Semi-final bouts

Sunday, 01 December

09:00 Final Bouts / Awarding Ceremony


Entry fee. Is free!!!


Accommodation, Accreditation fee, contact person


Accommodation: hotel IBIS RIGA CENTRE (Marijas str. 5, Riga)

Accreditation fee - 20 EUR/ Day (for one person)

Fee includes accommodation, breakfast.


Please submit your registration and team lists to the below contact for transfer and accommodation confirmation:


Russian (+371) 29 55 59 69 – Vasiliy Fleisher

English (+371) 29 672 426 – Natalia


Rules and regulations

The Rules and Regulations are in accordance with the current rules and regulations of the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA). All age divisions, weight are according to IFMA Rules and Regulations for international competitions.


Medical Check-up and Weigh-in

All contestants must have a Medical Check-up and Official Weigh-in on the opening day of the Championships outlined in the technical handbook. Each contestant must then have a Medical Check-up and Weigh-in in the morning of their competition for each bout.

As per IFMA Rule 23, all contestants must have in their possession, the IFMA Medical Declaration form which can be found at: ( signed by an authorized doctor of medicine, stating that prior to leaving his country he was in good physical condition and not suffering from any injury, infection or disability liable to affect his capacity to box in the country being visited. Such document must be accompanied with blood analysis results for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. If no blood test is presented at the weigh in the athlete will be disqualified.

These documents must also be presented at the medical examination before the general weigh-in. The medical declaration form & blood test cannot be older than 6 months and should be in the ENGLISH language. In the case that laboratory reports are in a language other than English, it is the responsibility of the National Federation to ensure that the documents are officially translated and certified and those translations submitted together with the documents.

Doctors on duty at the medical checks are authorised to perform a urine spectrometer test for dehydration on any athlete at any given time should symptoms of dehydration be suspected. Any athlete with a urine density above 1.030 shall not be permitted to compete. Therefore, the method of cutting weight by fat versus water is highly encouraged. IFMA acknowledges that weight cutting by means of dehydration, loss of water and minerals from the body may pose a dangerous and life-threatening result, even in amateur sports and young athletes. At IFMA we support weight control by fat loss, NOT BY water loss. We therefore urge all athletes, entourage and stakeholders to take responsibility in this process for the health and safety of the athletes. All athletes & coaches will also need to sign a weight-control declaration form to acknowledge this rule. All female contestants must sign the non-pregnancy declaration which is at the bottom of the IFMA Medical Declaration Form to confirm that they are not pregnant at the time of the championships.


Divisions of the The Open European Muaythai Club’s Cup 2019


Age division Fight formula Weight class

Youth Division

(10-11) 3x1,0 min. -30 kg, -32 kg, -34 kg, -36 kg, -38 kg, 40 kg, -42 kg. -44 kg, -46 kg, -48 kg, -50 kg, -52 kg, -54 kg, -56 kg, -58 kg, -60 kg.

Youth Division

(12-13) 3x1,5 min. -32 kg, -34 kg, -36 kg, -38 kg, 40 kg., -42 kg., -44 kg, -46 kg, -48 kg, -50 kg, -52 kg, -54 kg, -56 kg, -58 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg.


(14-15) 3x2 min. -38 kg, 40 kg., -42 kg, -45 kg, -48 kg, -51 kg, -54 kg, -57 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg, -67 kg, -71 kg, -75 kg, -81 kg, +81 kg.


(16-17) 3x2 min. -45 kg, -48 kg, -51 kg, -54 kg, -57 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg, -67 kg, -71 kg, -75 kg, -81 kg, -86 kg, -91 kg, +91 kg.

Male senior

(18-40) 3x3 min. -57 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg, -67 kg, -71 kg, -75 kg, -81 kg, -86 kg, -91 kg, +91 kg

Female senior

(18-40) 3x3 min. -45 kg, -48 kg, -51 kg, -54 kg, -57 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg, -67 kg, -71 kg, -75 kg, +75 kg.