Чемпионат мира по муай тай в Ташкенте собирает аншлаги
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  Russian Results: Dmitry Shakuta, Dzhabar Askerov Victorious Last Weekend

Russian Results: Dmitry Shakuta, Dzhabar Askerov Victorious Last Weekend Taking place in the insulated world of Russian kickboxing, the Tatneft Cup has managed to showcase some pretty strong kickboxing talent in the past couple of years. In 2010, the tournaments saw Dzhabar Askerov win at 70 kg., Alexander Stetsurenko win at 80 kg., and Vitali Ahkramenko topple Ashwin Balrak at heavyweight.

Well, the semifinal bouts for the Tatneft Cup 2011 went down on July 23rd, and the event saw some well known fighters - as well as a few names to look out for - in competition.

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  Алексей Додонов. В начале восхождения
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  The wait is over … it's time for the Muaythai Premier League

The wait is over … it's time for the Muaythai Premier League
Forty of the world’s best male and female athletes will be facing off for the Muaythai Premiere League, in five different weight categories, starting from September 2nd in Los Angeles, USA.

Every month the fighters will move to a different country, with the second event in line being held on October 10th, in Rome, Italy.

Two years of planning have brought to this exciting concept, which will be aired on the leading sport channels around the world. Each event will have a one hour documentary, called Into the Fire, which will tell the stories of the athletes, their dreams and hopes, and how muaythai has shaped their lives.

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  Определились участники финальных «Боев по правилам TNA на Кубок Tatneft»
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  Битые и небитые
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  Интервью Дмитрия Шакуты перед полуфиналом Чемпионата Мира TATNEFT WORLD CUP 2011
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  Дмитрий Шакута рассказал о Чемпионате мира "Бои по правилам ТНА на Кубок «Татнефть»"
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  «Бои по правилам TNA на Кубок TATNEFT» 1/4 Финала
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  Шесть боёв дюжины бойцов.
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