Russian Results: Dmitry Shakuta, Dzhabar Askerov Victorious Last Weekend

Russian Results: Dmitry Shakuta, Dzhabar Askerov Victorious Last Weekend

Russian Results: Dmitry Shakuta, Dzhabar Askerov Victorious Last Weekend

Taking place in the insulated world of Russian kickboxing, the Tatneft Cup has managed to showcase some pretty strong kickboxing talent in the past couple of years. In 2010, the tournaments saw Dzhabar Askerov win at 70 kg., Alexander Stetsurenko win at 80 kg., and Vitali Ahkramenko topple Ashwin Balrak at heavyweight.

Well, the semifinal bouts for the Tatneft Cup 2011 went down on July 23rd, and the event saw some well known fighters - as well as a few names to look out for - in competition.

Dzhabar Askerov took a decision over Enriko Gogokhia in the foremost bout of the evening. Askerov was able to secure a four round decision victory over Gogokhia in a bout that offered some solid answers to lingering questions from another Russian event earlier this year. The two fighters were both in the W5 Grand Prix KO tournament back in March, where they both met Mike Zambidis as the Greek fighter claimed the tournament win. Though it was Askerov who met Zambidis in the final, Gogokhia put up quite an impressive performance against Zambidis in the semifinal, giving the Greek standout all he could handle before dropping an extension round decision.

The other 70 kg. bout to take place Saturday evening saw 25-year-old Maxim Smirnov knock out Team Perfect member, Amin Choukoud. Smirnov is also scheduled to compete at the next W5 Grand Prix event in October.

Dmitry Shakuta was able to move into the final of the 80 kg. tournament with a win over Yordan Yankov. Shakuta, the former It's Showtime 77 kg. MAX champion, has continued to quietly pick apart competition since last appearing under the It's Showtime banner in his unsuccessful title defense against Cosmo Alexandre. Saturday's win gives Shakuta his first entrance into the Tatneft Cup final, as his 2009 effort was cut short by a nasty spinning backfist from Artem Levin.

Alexander Stetsurenko, the 2010 champion, was defeated by Alexander Oleynik in the other 80 kg. semifinal bout of the evening. Oleynik has had a pretty impressive run through the Tatneft Cup, also defeating Errol Koning and Jose Barradas along the way.

While this year's Tatneft Cup hasn't included the same sort of names at heavyweight as were present last year, the tournament winner may very well pop up on some larger fight cards in the near future. On Saturday evening, 21-year-old Ukrainian, Dmitri Bezus stopped Yuri Dobko to advance to the tournament final. Bezus was a finalist at the K-1 World Grand Prix 2010 in Warsaw. The other heavyweight bout of the evening saw Hicham Ashalhi secure a decision win against Lukas Horak.


by Brent Ducharme on Jul 28, 2011 2:42 AM EDT in Kickboxing Results


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